Apply for our ideation grants

Our ideation grants

Political changemakers from all over Europe can now apply for our ideation grants, designed to support individuals and initiatives who want to explore and test new solutions to reimagine politics. Developing organisations in political spaces is hard, especially if you lack the necessary resources to take the time to do it; that’s why we are offering these ideation grants of €10,000, with which we hope to offer you space and time to think and strategise.

If you:

  • are an individual or a collective based in Europe;
  • have identified barriers to building more inclusive, hopeful and human politics;
  • need space and resources to think through solutions to this issue that could turn into an organisation…

…then the ideation grants are for you!

Your idea must fit into one of our three areas of work:

  1. Building more inclusive and human political cultures. (Examples. Initiatives that work with or address political parties regarding how they select their electoral list, initiatives that build inclusive environments, …)
  2. Finding effective ways for people and communities to mobilise and build political power. (Examples. initiatives that plan to support people and communities to build power between and during elections; initiatives that provide the infrastructure for people to organise and mobilise to change who holds power, how it is exercised, and how people connect to it)
  3. Preparing new political leaders to run for office and make a difference. (Examples. Initiatives that plan to identify and support candidates–particularly those from underrepresented communities–to run for political office and/or support them once they are in office)

And, for clarity, here is a list of initiatives and organisations we don’t fund:

  • We don’t fund political parties, election campaigns or candidates.
  • We don’t fund initiatives or organisations whose mission doesn’t comprise building political power to change who holds power, how it is exercised, and how people connect to it.
  • We don’t fund community organising or empowerment work unless it is part of a strategy for people to exercise power themselves and hold political leadership positions ultimately.