Our values

Our values are guiding what we do and how we do it.

Multitudes exist to uphold, embrace and support values that are core to the kind of future we want to see. These are active values that define who we are and what we do

Equity and justice

We contribute to building a feminist, anti-racist and inclusive society in which, regardless of differences of identity, beliefs and experiences, people are treated with dignity, respect and live free and self-determined lives. We address systemic oppression alongside individual bias in the way we work and the work we support. We recognise that various forms of inequality and discrimination exacerbate each other and do not see this as a problem for someone else to solve. 

Community and humility

We know that communities are best placed to organise and decide for their future and we exist to be in service to changemakers in Europe. We engage with this ecosystem in a way that is generative and not extractive. We believe in empowerment and shared leadership and actively support movement building. We connect groups and organisations and use our resources to uplift their visions and ideas. We are ready to challenge our own power, to listen to and do better.

Optimism and care

We believe our political systems need, and can be, so much better. While aware of the scale of the challenges, we face the future with hope and purpose and invite others to see how much we have achieved and can accomplish. We don’t let the urgency of now divert us from building long lasting change. We agree that power without love is reckless and abusive, and support the transition to politics as a place where people build confidence, trust and joy and care for each other.

Openness and commitment

We understand that people have different views on how to reimagine politics and that a variety of approaches are needed to create systemic change. We value diversity of perspective and recognise that our work and the work that we support need to cater to different people and groups. Our work is engaging with politics, including party politics. We are non-partisan, yet, we only support initiatives that adhere to democratic principles and our values of equity and justice.