Multitudes Foundation is launching in 2023 !

Multitudes Foundation supports people across Europe to reimagine politics : who holds power, how it's exercised and how people connect to it.

Across Europe, people from all walks of life are taking to the streets, galvanized by a common desire to build and be a part of more just and equitable societies. They show up because they care about issues that affect all of us, from the climate crisis to rampant inequality, attacks on women and migrants, racism and other forms of identity-based discrimination.

They know it is possible to create a better future together and that now is the time to act. The problem? All too often, they lack the resources to organize politically and access existing power structures.

We're here to help change that.

We want to contribute to a Europe in which everyone feels represented, elected leaders are rooted in their communities, and new ones can emerge with the skills and support needed to make a real difference to people's lives and to society.

We do this by connecting changemakers with the support they need by bridging the divide between resource and action through financial and practical support.

We are getting ready to launch early 2023, and can't wait to get started. Add your email to our newsletter to stay informed.

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